Check Part Draft NRC or First Draft NRC Result online using ARN Based Search

Here we discuss about what is ARN Number, how to check Part Draft NRC using ARN Based Search and checklist of everything you need to know about ARN Based Search name online in Assam NRC draft List 2018. The first NRC Draft is referred as Part Draft of Assam NRC list. It contains list of legal citizen names of Assam. You can check your name in the First NRC draft by using ARN Based Search. To do this you will need to provide your ARN number which is consist of 21 digit numbers or the barcode number. This ARN Number is very important for online checking of NRC result.

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Before you go the ARN based search engine make sure you have the correct ARN number in your hand, failing which you will not be able to check NRC result.

Ways to Find your ARN Number?

If you have forgotten your ARN Number then there are few ways by which you can find your ARN Number. ARN Number is the 21 digit application receipt number. This number was provided to you when you register your NRC Application either online or offline mode. Again, if you have lost your NRC application number then following section may help you to know your ARN.

1/ Find NRC ARN number using your NRC Application Form

You can get your ARN number in the application form that you have submitted offline or online. You can check the number on the front page of your application. This number was earlier given to you when you got your NRC acknowledgment receipt in your hand.

2/  Know your ARN number by calling NRC Helpline

In case you have misplaced or lost your Application Receipt Number (ARN), which was issued against your Online Application Form, call Official NRC Office at toll free helpline number 15107 (within Assam) and 18003453762 (STD). The call center agent shall assist you with the ARN.
You are required to provide any one of the following details to the call center agent:- The Name of the Head of the Family or the registered phone number that you have used during the submission of your online application form.
We request you talk gently with the call center agent and provide the correct information, whatever they ask.

3/  Find your ARN Number with the help of NRC Seva Kendra

If above two methods failed, then you can try our 3rd method to find your Application Receipt Number. What you do is that directly go to your nearest Seva Kendras and meet the NRC Representatives or agents or officers and request them to provide the ARN Number.

How to check your Name or NRC Result in Part Draft NRC Publication with the help of ARN based Number Search?

In order to check your names in the NRC Assam Part Draft or first draft you can use following methods.

  1. Visit Official Websites of NRC Assam
  2. Visit your nearest Seva Kendras
  3. SMS Service , Type ARN Space 21 Digit ARN and send it to 9765556555
  4. Call at NRC Helpline Number which is completely free. People from outside Assam can call at 18003453762 and people from Assam can call at 15107

My Name didn’t appear in the PART Draft? ARN is Still in Verification?

As it is a PART NRC draft, you may not find your name in the list. There is no reason for panic. In the first partial draft of NRC, only 1.9 crore Applicants’ documents are verified. The rest of the eligible people names will be included in the upcoming complete second list of NRC Draft. There may be some suspected inclusion in the First Parst darft of NRC. Those inclusions in NRC again will be cross verified by Family Tree Verification method and more filtered result is expected in the second complete NRC list.

Most of the people whose names are not in the part draft are in fear of rejection. To console those people the Govt. of Assam has already started few ad campaigns. If your NRC application status is showing as ARN IS PENDING FOR VERIFICATION or Member ID 1,2,3 INCLUDED. MEMBER ID 4, 5 PENDING FOR VERIFICATION, this means that documents of that person are under verification. NRC field officers are still verifying the remaining applications that were left unverified. If you submitted valid documents then we assure you that your name will be included in the Second Complete Draft NRC.

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