Important Announcement on Corrections – NRC Assam Final draft News 2019

Important Announcement on Corrections – NRC Assam Final draft News 2019 :-  To make online correction of spellings in respect of names of the Applicant, Father, Mother, Spouse and other particulars viz. Age/DOB(Date of Birth),Gender,Address (Permanent or Present) and Place of Birth , applicants can visit our website and click on the button Online NRC Draft Correction Portal. 

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Important Announcement on Corrections – NRC Assam

• One mobile number can be used only once for registration of one Application Receipt Number (ARN)

• Correctionscan be done only for particulars of those persons whose names have been included i n Complete Draft NRC

• Corrections can be made in English/ Assamese/ Bengali/ Bodo languages as applicable

• Corrections/ modifications made in the POrtal will be accepted only after manual comparison with the original Application Form. An SMS will be sent on acceptance/ non-acceptance. This process will take a few months

• In case of change in correspondence address, it can be given only during registration. Applicants cannot give any new address while making corrections In Present/ Permanent address after logging into the correction portal

• Read the User Manual carefully before starting to use the Portal After “Receipt Generation”, i.e. Final Submission, no further changes will be allowed either online/ offline through manual Correction Forms at the NSK

• If any contradiction is noticed between the particulars submitted manually in the Correction Form and the Corrections/ Modifications made Online, then the latter will be given preference

• Those persons who have submitted their Correction Forms at the designated NSK can still carry out the corrections/ modifications online

The process of Online Corrections is extended up to 28- February 2019. Offline Correction at NSKs is closed on 31″ January 2019.

Criminal Action will be taken against those persons who try to make any corrections/ modifications of any persons/ ARN without authorisation of the user; of that ARN. If any person finds that his/her MN is already registered or submitted by someone else without consent, then such Incidences should Immediately be reported to the NRC Call Centre (toll free no. 15107)or to the designated MK.

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