NRC Assam hearing in – Everything you need to know

What is NRC Assam Hearing ,Check NRC applications Status, Know if your NRC application required for verification,  NRC Assam Hearing status,  :  In this article we will share each and every information related to NRC Assam Hearing.

Check NRC Assam Second List / Complete Draft 

What is Assam NRC Hearing Or Verification?

NRC Hearing is  a verification process to ensure whether any other person or family illegally using your legacy data or not. It is an online checking process  where you have to provide NRC ARN Number for verification. Once you have entered your ARN the system will let you  know whether your ARN (Application Receipt Number) requires any verification from Mandals/Gaon panchyat or not. Upon checking  with the online NRC Assam Hearing System you will get a message that contains further instructions. If its required verification the person will have to  appear in front of the LRCR( Local Register of Citizen Registration). The government officials will  ask questions regarding the legacy information you provided  before.  There may be certain types of NRC hearing , following  which you may be called for hearing by the officials. We all know  The part draft NRC published  on 31st Dec 2017 was full of wrong  information, there are many  mismatched occurred in the 1st NRC draft. Therefore, it is expected that new NRC Assam Hearing process will resolve those issues before the publication of NRC Assam second list.






Different Types of Assam NRC Hearing/Verification Application Form :

In this section we will introduce various types of Hearing/Verification Of NRC Assam in details.

  • Gaon Panchayat hearing: During the process of NRC Assam verification there are some married women issue happens where their legacy data verification is not done properly. That is why many married women have unable to register their names in the part draft of NRC. Now the NRC team will call those married women to verify their NRC Application with Goan panchayat certificate for the linkage with the Legacy person. This type of NRC hearing is known as Gaon Panchayat Hearing.
  • Lot Mandal hearing: Similarly, in  Lot Mandal type NRC hearing, the married women used the Lot Mandal Certificate for the linkage with the person.
  • Family Tree hearing:  At the time of  NRC linkage process there are some situations occurs when the official identifies that your Legacy data is matched with the other person from another region. Due to which the official call both the person for hearing whether they are belong to the same family tree or not. This process of  NRC hearing  is known as Family Tree hearing.
  • Circle Officer hearing: This process is similar to the Gaon Panchayat type and Lot Mandal Type. The married women who used the Circle Officer certificate for the linkage with the person will be called for re- verification.

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