NSK Based Verification starts from 4th May 2018 by Deputy Commissioner for further inquiry & re-verification of documents regarding NRC Assam Result

NRC Assam NSK BAsed Verification, NRC Seva Kendra verification 4th May 2018 , Latest NRC Assam News, Updates , Notice, Notification :- The Government of Assam in association with the NRC department has recently announced a notification . According to that NRC Assam news another NSK Based verification starts from 4th May 2018. To ensure inclusion of genuine Indian citizens before publishing the NRC Assam 2nd list, certain applications may require further inquiry and re-verification by District Magistrates (Deputy Commissioners).’

NSK Based verification details, dates & timings  :

Well the NSK Based  Re-verification starts from 4th May 2018. During this phase , the applicants will get an opportunity to appear before a Verifying Officer at the NSK as appointed by the District Magistrate. The NRC team ensure that all the  Applicants will get adequate opportunity during this appearance to clear any doubt or provide clarification. The applicant will be informed of the date, time and venue of the appearance through a letter to be delivered at the address mentioned in the Application Form. This letter will also give description of the documents or particulars which needs to be re-verified.

Documents other important stuffs required for NSK Based NRC Assam Verification

Applicants to appear before the Verification Officer at the respective NSK at the appointed date and time. Applicants can bring with them all evidence/ proof they wish to adduce in support of their application to include in NRC draft. To prove linkage, applicant may also bring the Legacy Person or other descendants of the Legacy Person for recording their statements.
• For the purpose of re-verification, applicant may have to show the original document.
• No original document will be taken into
custody by the Verification Officer.
• Wholehearted cooperation of public is essential to ensure inclusion of all genuine Indian applicants and exclusion of all ineligible persons in NRC.
• Applicants can also get to know the date, time and venue of their appearance by visiting http://nrcassamhearing.in/

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